OTEPOETRY; mother hydra
"I need new voices in my head, to speak my secret evils with. I need new lovers in my bed, to be my friends and special pets."

Never forget that ART SAVES. OTEP SAVES.
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in 2009 I was on one of those video chat sessions with Otep and I asked her about death’s head hawk moths. I wish I knew which video it was on Ustream so I could watch it again v.v

12:13 AM

Night… Blood moon tonight or i guess early, early morning april 15th. I will be asleep.


Otep - Home Grown

12:12 AM


How come I’ve never heard of Otep until recently?

She’s banging amazing.



Wild like the ancient Bacchae ….. west coast rituals are coming! 



this changes me

04:36 PM

Keep your voices raised

Anonymous: Half music video for BLOOD by in this moment will your mom not get mad at you for spilling fake blood everywhere in yo room?? I liked that vid btw ^_^

i actually didnt get it anywhere besides on me haha :P thanks. i actually deleted it though

01:29 PM

Chris Costello - Pestilence (part of 4horsemen series)
Acrylic on Canvas (2014)
12” x 36”      
"You have 7 more seconds to decipher your life Before my tongue becomes a blade & your brain gets sliced I warned you before I’m addicted to war I was preying for Armageddon on the day I was born” ~ Otep
Run for Cover
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