"Make the pain a weapon you can use."

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Anonymous: Hello ! Your blog is cool. xx

thanks ya!


"I will live by passion and not by law." -Otep
This has always been a line that resonates with me. It further drives home the point I’ve tried to make with my very existence: nothing, no God or religion, no government or law, no society or expectation, can rule any of us if we do not let it. Being an individual and being truly free in and aware of yourself, a key principle of both Buddhism and anarchy. As the poet William Ernest Henley wrote, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

Hungover and stubbornly listening to Otep as loudly as my laptop will allow. I have such a headache. But you can’t listen to Otep quietly.


"A bone heals, a bruise fades, but art is forever"

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"Wit of William S. Burroughs, and depth of Sylvia Plath. Otep Shamaya is truly one of the great minds of this generation and there is no better representation of that then in "Quiet Lightening on the Noisy Mountain". In this book Shamaya displays her diverse writing skills, and incredible artistic savagery. I definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking an intriguing mix of brutal and beautiful literary indulgence, and those hungry for intelligent writing.” 

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 Slipknot’s foray into the festival world - Knotfest adds Napalm Death, Amen, Prong and more for the EXTREME stage.


hottest woman ever, perhaps?

she bringin sexy back, ya

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